Sedimentology ‘Dirt’ Lab

The Sedimentology Lab (the ‘Dirt Lab’) is located in WSB-41, in the basement of the Wick Science Building. Sedimentology lab facilities and resources include:

  • Sieving for quantitative grain size analysis
  • Facilities for quantitative analysis of silt- and clay-size particles (hydrometer/wet-sieving)
  • Making of smear slides
  • Analysis of 1-2 mm grains for provenance studies
  • Facilities for storage, logging, and analysis of lake sediment cores

Students in AHS 322 (Surficial and Glacial Geology) and AHS 423/523 (Sedimentology and Stratigraphy) use the sedimentology lab, as do students completing their senior research in Quaternary sediments (stream sediments, lake sediment cores, or till samples).