AHS 424 – Structural Geology & Tectonics

AHS 424 – Structural Geology and Tectonics is offered ‘on demand’. It will be taught in Fall 2017. In this course we focus on the practical aspects of structural geology through field measurements (strike and dip), detailed analysis of fabrics in hand samples, and map interpretation of structural relations. We also examine the range of tectonic settings and the structural records typically preserved as well as the interpretation of tectonic setting from structural/stratigraphic data. This is a lecture and lab class. It meets for ‘lectures’ three days a week, and for a 1 hr 50 minute lab each week.

Link to AHS 424 Syllabus and Schedule from 2014

Textbook: Structural Geology, Haakon Fossen, Cambridge University Press, 2nd. Edition, 2016, 463p. ISBN 9781107057647

Fossen textbook image

This is a color textbook, and is one of the best structural geology textbooks I have ever come across!