Geology Research

Kate has wide-ranging research interests. Her current research includes work on New Zealand Paleozoic rocks, and the transport and abrasion of of boulders and cobbles. Other geologic research includes work in Caples Terrane rocks in New Zealand, and Proterozoic rocks of the Mt. Isa Inlier, Australia.

New Zealand Paleozoic Rocks
Kate is currently working on completion of manuscripts relating to her work on Paleozoic rocks of Northwest Nelson. She is particularly interested in the Haupiri Group Lockett Conglomerate (see Publications).

Ordovician Sandstones of the Lachlan Fold Belt
Kate completed point-count analysis of Ordovician sandstones of the Bendigo Ballarat Zone within the Lachlan Fold Belt. Completion of a manuscript relating to this work is underway.

Transport and Abrasion of Cobbles and Boulders
As a consequence of Kate’s interest in interpreting the depositional setting and provenance for the Paleozoic Lockett Conglomerate of Northwest Nelson, New Zealand, Kate received funding (Hellervik Prize, $10,000 with Dr. Srock & Petzold for “Stream Transport of Cobbles and Boulders: How Fast and How Far?” Awarded in Spring 2015. This research includes two parallel experiments. In the first a cement mixer is used to simulate transport of coarse material in a stream. Regular measurements of volume and mass allow determination of the rate at which igneous boulders/cobbles get abraded. In the second experiment instrumented boulders are being designed and fabricated for placement in a gravel-bedded stream. Data packages inserted into the boulders will record the transport history of teach boulder. Together, the data from these experiments will provide some quantitative limits on cobble and boulder transport that can be used for provenance studies in ancient rocks. Students have worked with Kate on both experiments.