HONS 220 – Honors Courses

Discovery Hut and Castle Rock 105

The Honors Program at St. Cloud State University offers a variety of unique courses; these courses may be ones that are not normally offered, or are unique in some way.  Dr Pound has taught two Honors courses:

HONS 220 Antarctic Geoscience
This course focused on the Antarctic Continent, and used examples of earth science topics and themes based on past and current Antarctic Research to learn about earth science processes, and the geologic history of Antarctica, as well as the role of Antarctic ice in climate history. Dr. Pound drew heavily on her experience with ANDRILL in Antarctica for development of this course.

HONS 220 Poetry & Geology
Link to pdf of HONS 220 Syllabus for Spring 2016
This course was co-taught with Dr. Kirstin Bratt as part of the work conducted for the Miller Prize. The course integrated poetic form, literary analysis, and fundamental topics in the earth sciences.