Awards and Grants

Miller Scholar Award ($10,050)
With: Dr. Kirstin Bratt in support of their project “The Poetry of Place: Pedagogy and Anthology” Awarded December 2015.

The Miller Scholar Award at St. Cloud State University is designed to recognize and support faculty members who have established a demonstrated record of motivation, excellence, and leadership in teaching and learning. In their project Drs. Pound and Bratt use the Backward Design curriculum development process to develop an integrated, interdisciplinary course on Poetry in its geological context, and lay the groundwork for an anthology of post-Arab Spring poetry of North Africa, placed in its environmental (geological), social, and cultural context.

Hellervik Prize ($10,000)
With: Drs. Srock & Petzold for research project “Stream Transport of Cobbles and Boulders: How Fast and How Far?” Awarded in Spring 2015.

The Hellervik Prize is St. Cloud State University’s premier award encouraging research or scholarly activity which advances knowledge on issues of importance to students, college/school, university and society. The research undertaken included two experimental approaches to modeling boulder transport: the construction of instrumented boulders for deployment and tracking in streams, and the use of a cement mixer to determine the rate at which igneous rocks are abraded during ‘stream’ transport.
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Student Senior Research relating to Hellervik Prize

SCSU CETL Technology Grant ($1,500)
To: Drs. Pound, Hergert & Sundheim in December 2014 for “Capturing Essential Geoscience Skills for Video Review: Implementation, Evaluation, and Assessment”  – implementation in Spring 2015 (and ongoing).

Filming of short videos to assist student learning.

SCSU Provost’s Action Grant ($10,000)
To: Dr. Pound (and team of interdisciplinary faculty) for “Building the Environmental Geology Concentration: Infusing Relevance & Quality; Attracting Students” Fall 2013-Spring 2014 (and ongoing).

Lead outreach project to/with regional employers with faculty from Geography and ETS in order to build plans for Environmental Geology Major.

NSF CCLI GRANT #0737335  ($173,671)
To: Drs. St. John, Jones, Leckie & Pound for “Teaching Anchor Concepts of Climate Change Through Sediment Core Archives.” January 2008-December 2010.

Funding awarded for development and distribution of data-rich, inquiry-based learning materials on climate change records evidenced through the sedimentary record.
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ANDRILL ARISE: Support for participation on-ice in ANDRILL (Antarctic Drilling Project) ARISE (Antarctic Research Immersion for Science Educators) Program (SMS = Southern McMurdo Sound) in Antarctica October-December 2007.

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ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship
, 1993 at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia for Provenance Studies in the Lachlan Fold Belt.

Thomas J Watson
Fellowship ($10,000),  for “Origin of the Torlesse Terrane – A Geologic Inquiry.” 1981–1983.

Geological research in New Zealand, conducted through Otago University and DSIR, Dunedin. 

The Watson Fellowship is supported by the Watson Foundation. The Watson Foundation believes that the world is in ongoing need of more humane and effective leaders. By providing fellows with the widest cultural, professional and personal opportunities, they are empowered to expand their vision, test and develop their potential, and gain the confidence and perspective to do so for others.
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