Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History

Kate is the co-author for a Lab Textbook ‘Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History: Inquiry-based Exercises for Lab and Class’

St. John, K., Leckie, R.M., Pound, K., Jones, M., and Krissek, L., 2012, Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History Inquiry-based Exercises for Lab and Class. Wiley Blackwell, 485p.
The textbook is the outcome of National Science Foundation CCLI Grant #0737335  ($173,671) “Teaching Anchor Concepts of Climate Change Through Sediment Core Archives” awarded to St. John, Jones, Leckie & Pound. Development and distribution of data-rich, inquiry-based learning materials. January 2008-December 2010.

Kate used her participation on-ice in ANDRILL (Antarctic Drilling Project) ARISE (Antarctic Research Immersion for Science Educators) Program (SMS = Southern McMurdo Sound) in Antarctica October-December 2007 to develop teaching materials relating to the climate history of Antarctica. The author team has led workshops on the teaching materials.

Selected chapters are freely available for use as follows: