FLC – Backward Design (UbD)

Backward Design Faculty Learning Community

Since Fall 2013, Dr. Pound has been the facilitator and a participant in a SCSU Faculty Learning Community focused on learning about and implementing Backward Design (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005). The Faculty Learning Community is supported by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Saint Cloud State University. Other members of this FLC are: Dr. Nancy Sundheim, Dr. Kirstin Bratt, and Mr. Michael Rogers.

We learned about Backward Design, implemented it in our teaching, and evaluated / assessed the impact of the implementation on student learning, as well as on ourselves as educators, through journaling and class observations. We have also used Backward Design to develop programs (Nancy Sundheim), and develop new courses (Drs. Bratt and Pound – Geology & Poetry). We have taught workshops for our colleagues on implementation of Backward Design, and presented results as talks and posters at conferences. We currently have a manuscript on some of our work submitted to the Journal of College Reading and Learning.

We have presented results of our work as follows:

Submitted to peer-reviewed Journal of College Reading and Learning
Bratt, K.R., Sundheim,N., Pound, K.S., and Rogers, M., How LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory) can facilitate an understanding of self-efficacy in the curriculum development work of STEM faculty.

Nancy Sundheim, N.K., Bratt, K.R., Pound, K.S., & Rogers, M. (2015) Backward Design in STEM Courses: The Role of the Question. Proceedings of the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching and Learning, Austin, TX.

Co-Facilitator of Faculty Workshop led by Drs. Bratt, Sundheim and Mike Rogers “Applying Backwards Design Principles to Class Learning and Your Curriculum” Fall 2015 Convocation.

Co-taught workshop “The Role of the Question” with Mr. Mike Rogers at Minnesota Science Teachers Association Mtg., Mankato, February 2015.

Sundheim, N.K., et al. (2014) Backward Design: A tool for Getting Students to Think, Shanghai University of Engineering Science Seminar – Shanghai, China.

Pound, K.S., Bratt, K., Sundheim, N., and Rogers, M.  August 2014, Poster presentation at Teaching and Learning Fair 2014, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, SCSU.

Pound, K.S., Rogers, M., Bratt, K., and Sundheim, N., 2014, Implementation of Backward Design and Essential Questions in Earth Science Curricula [abs.], Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 46, No. 6, Paper No. 304-11, p.734.